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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: Importing and caching build files from a URL
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 20:10:34 GMT
> > D:\org_apache>java MakeUrl http://foo/common.xml misc.xml
> > http://foo/misc.xml
> Yes, this works as long as the first file you reference is at the root
> level. This can be confusing in scripts since the root is dictated by that
> first import and not made explicit. Sometimes I want to import a build file
> from a subdirectory first, not from the root level.  Without an explict
> root, it is difficult to establish a consistent namespace. It should work in
> a similar manner to classloading.

Franckly, I see Ant's <import> more akin to XSL's <import> than to
class loading, and would rather mimick XSL as closely as possible
rather than invent a new scheme. In XSL and in HTML, each document is
indeed its own root (a URL one), and Ant currently follows that model,
albeit restrict it to File roots. I'm merely proposing to extend it to
URL a la XSL/HTML, and to further use a new attribute called href
(again, a la XSL/HTML) to preverse backward compatibility, while
keeping (un-deprecated) the existing file/location/${basedir}

I haven't much more to say on this ;-) Everything I'm saying is moot
without an actual implementation to propose, or agreement from the
community at large and the commiter pool in particular, whether it's
in fact desirable. --DD

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