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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject Re: Importing and caching build files from a URL
Date Tue, 29 Nov 2005 15:50:12 GMT
> You could just do this:
> <get src="http://${myhost}/commons.xml"
>         dest="${user.home}/.ant/commons.xml"
>         usetimestamp="true"/>
> <import file="${user.home}/.ant/commons.xml"/>

That's the first level of import I describe. But if common.xml refers
(imports) to misc.xml also located at http://${myhost}/, but you must
also <get> it explicitly, so you're breaking encapsulation (the build
importing common.xml shouldn't need to know about the implementation
of common.xml).

You could make common.xml do the <get>+<import> dance as well, but
then you're breaking transparency or location independence, where you
need to change the build based on where it lives (jar, http, file
system). When you think about it, HTML and XSL's href are not affected
by this issue. True, these have been designed with location
transparency from the get go, but in my mind that's the canonical
model for import (linking/referring for HTML).

Maybe a solution would be to introduce new href attributes for
<import>, <property file>, <loadfile>, etc... which would obey what I
call the "canonical" import model, and leave existing "file" or
"location" attributes the way they are, i.e. dealing with file system
files only. --DD

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