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From <>
Subject AW: Idea-- Tstamp attribute
Date Fri, 21 Oct 2005 06:22:08 GMT
Mmh, some thoughts:

First thought was: why you need that? Just do a 
  $ant -Dlogdate=20050511
and you´ll get it. But maybe there are more derived dates...

Then have a look at the format...

    property=""     required
    pattern=""      required
    timezone=""     System default: TimeZone.getDefault()
    offset=""       default: 0 (BuildException by Ant, if not a number)
    unit=""         required if offset is used; BuildEx by EnumeratedAttribute on invalid
    locale=""       System default: Locale constructor; BuildExc if illegal value

    value=""        default: current date; BuildEx if wrong pattern;
                    --> check and throw the BuildEx for your own
                    --> which pattern? should be the same as specified in pattern-attribute

I havent need that, but that´s only me. It would not disturb (I hope) ... 
But just collect some other opinion.

Ah yes - dont forget the unit tests ;-)




>I want to add "value"attribute to TstampTask.
>ant -Dday=20051011 clean.logfile
>  <tstamp>
>      <format property="logdate"
>              pattern="yyyyMMdd"
>              value="${day}"
>              offset="-5"
>              unit="month"/>
>  </tstamp>

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