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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: Task writing: generic type support
Date Mon, 12 Sep 2005 16:03:34 GMT
Yves Martin wrote:
> Steve Loughran <> writes:
>>> I have also found another issue in my code: my 'typedef' is done in a "child"
>>> Ant Project... not in the parent Ant Project which uses this type.
>>> Is there a "standard" way to propagate typedef/taskdef/antlib from a project
>>> to another project ? Of course, I have access to ClassLoader and anything I
>>> want...
>>you need to use <import> to pull the child build file into your project, not
>   Thank you for this option but it is not enough for me.
>   My issue comes from my build system architecture:
>   - a main Ant project parse a XML configuration file which is a Ant build file
>     itself, and where I would like to make available custom DataType in a
>     specific antlib/namespace
>   - a plugin is a Ant project which is able to do anything it wants. Like
>     taskdef and typedef...
>   The plugin project has been "forked" from the main Ant project. How can I
>   (programmatically speaking) transfer taskdef/typedef from the plugin project
>   to the main project ?

you can't --that is what "forking" implies. you are operating within a 
new environment.

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