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From Scott Morgan <>
Subject wlrun task: config.xml location suggestion
Date Mon, 01 Aug 2005 17:49:51 GMT

I'm using the wlrun task to start Weblogic 7.0.  I'm having problems
with the wlrun task checking that a config.xml exists.  The ant task
is looking in <weblogic home>/config/<domain>, but my config is
in the <weblogic home>/<domain> directory.  When the task fails to
find the config.xml it fails.

I'd like to suggest either:

1) Remove the config file location check from the ant task.  I'm not
sure what this really gets us as if the config file isn't found by
weblogic the startup fails anyway.  The config file is not used by the
ant task in any other way.

2) Allow the location of the config file to be specified/overridden.

Anyone have an opinion on this or shall I submit a patch?


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