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From Roland Ramthun <>
Subject Re: Bug in tar-section
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:21:40 GMT
Peter Reilly schrieb:
> From the ant manual:
> "Early versions of tar did not support path lengths greater than 100
> characters. Modern versions of tar do so, but in incompatible ways. The
> behaviour of the tar task when it encounters such paths is controlled by
> the /longfile/ attribute. If the longfile attribute is set to |fail|,
> any long paths will cause the tar task to fail. If the longfile
> attribute is set to |truncate|, any long paths will be truncated to the
> 100 character maximum length prior to adding to the archive. If the
> value of the longfile attribute is set to |omit| then files containing
> long paths will be omitted from the archive. Either option ensures that
> the archive can be untarred by any compliant version of tar. If the loss
> of path or file information is not acceptable, and it rarely is,
> longfile may be set to the value |gnu|. The tar task will then produce a
> GNU tar file which can have arbitrary length paths. Note however, that
> the resulting archive will only be able to be untarred with GNU tar. The
> default for the longfile attribute is |warn| which behaves just like the
> gnu option except that it produces a warning for each file path
> encountered that does not match the limit."
> The tar page that Steve pointed out shows that there is a new posix tar
> format that will be used
> by gnu tar in the future - ant will probally support that then.

Ok, that answers my question.

Thank you.

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