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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: Bug in tar-section
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 13:08:47 GMT
 From the ant manual:
"Early versions of tar did not support path lengths greater than 100 
characters. Modern versions of tar do so, but in incompatible ways. The 
behaviour of the tar task when it encounters such paths is controlled by 
the /longfile/ attribute. If the longfile attribute is set to |fail|, 
any long paths will cause the tar task to fail. If the longfile 
attribute is set to |truncate|, any long paths will be truncated to the 
100 character maximum length prior to adding to the archive. If the 
value of the longfile attribute is set to |omit| then files containing 
long paths will be omitted from the archive. Either option ensures that 
the archive can be untarred by any compliant version of tar. If the loss 
of path or file information is not acceptable, and it rarely is, 
longfile may be set to the value |gnu|. The tar task will then produce a 
GNU tar file which can have arbitrary length paths. Note however, that 
the resulting archive will only be able to be untarred with GNU tar. The 
default for the longfile attribute is |warn| which behaves just like the 
gnu option except that it produces a warning for each file path 
encountered that does not match the limit."

The tar page that Steve pointed out shows that there is a new posix tar 
format that will be used
by gnu tar in the future - ant will probally support that then.


Roland Ramthun wrote:

>Steve Loughran wrote:
>>>Please fix this problem.
>>>If you utilise code of another GNU project for the tar section of ant,
>>>please forward this email to them or give me their contact address and I
>>>will do so.
>>I'm not sure if we want to fix it. This is not me being selfish, it is
>>this: by limiting the length of a classic tar to 99 chars over 100, just
>>to support one program that followed the tar spec more strictly than the
>>common tar implementations, then we may more builds that used to work
>So there are different versions of the tar specifications?!
>But then it is an rather easy question: Which one does Ant use?
>Then you may look if it is implemented correctly or not.
>If Ant uses a version which doesn't allow more than 99 chars it's ok,
>but then it shouldn't build files with more, which lead to irritations
>in programs which follow the standard...
>And don't forget we had problems with a linux program, too.
>It is not interesting how the standard tar-program builds its tarballs.
>Either it works as defined by the standard or it does not.
>Then it has a bug.
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