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From Roland Ramthun <>
Subject Bug in tar-section
Date Thu, 28 Jul 2005 10:17:02 GMT
we are using Ant to build the software we provide.
We have a section in our buildfile, which tars and gzips the program at
the end of the build process.

Some days ago an users complained about problems unpacking this archive
using WinRAR.
Another user had problems under Linux (program unknown), too.

Instead of 
they got

We thought this was an error on WinRARs side, so an user contacted the
author Eugene Roshal.

He gave the following answer:

> so you are able to reproduce the problem


> and you can confirm that this is a bug in WinRAR?

It is a buggy archive, which could be processed better by WinRAR,
but I would not call it WinRAR bug. We did not use GNU tar source code
in WinRAR, but implemented tar support from a scratch basing on
TAR format specifications from So in some situations
WinRAR can conform to these specifications better than original TAR. clearly states that name field must be null-terminated.
So if name length is equal to size of this field (100) as in case of

in my opinion the correct behavior for TAR archiver would be to place
99 characters to name field and then use either "ustar" or "././@LongLink"
methods to store the full name. Storing 100 characters in the name field
does not match specifications and such archive cannot be considered as
correct, even though it is supported by tar and now by WinRAR.

Besides, I placed a new build of WinRAR 3.50 beta 7 to
If you wish, you can download it and check if it handles this archive well.


Please fix this problem.
If you utilise code of another GNU project for the tar section of ant,
please forward this email to them or give me their contact address and I
will do so.

Thank you.
Roland Ramthun

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