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From Kev Jackson <>
Subject Re: Java Development with Ant
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 08:47:30 GMT
> They are at the leading edge then... I have been interviewing 
> candidates for a developer position not later than yesterday and it 
> left me with a bitter test about software process and tools used 
> within a team source control within a team of 15 people 
> (10 dev), etc... all that within the biggest isps and telco in the 
> country. Frankly that scares me to death.
> Oh, and when I want to add a tester to a development team some 
> customers tell me, this this is not possible because it will make the 
> cost too high and they are assuming that what developers do is free of 
> defects as they tested it themselves, otherwise that means we don't 
> have good enough
It's really interesting as the people themselves are amazingly 
intelligent, they're pretty much all recent graduates (a couple of older 
developers), and they all have excellent theoretical knowledge of 
programming.  The problem is the practice - most of them could build 
some amazingly funky tools, but the code would be spaghetti and as soon 
as they left the tool would be useless.  It's getting past that mental 
block that they have about team development.  The best of them have 
embraced UP and UML, but personally I have an aversion to gigantic 
processes and bucketloads of docs.  I also pushed for (and got) 
Subversion installed instead of SourceSafe (thankfully).  Still a big 
way to go for the VB programmers, but there are a few C coders whu seem 
to be a little more open to the ideas of builds over make.  Unit testing 
is going to be the real problem :(

Still the talk was a success - didn't cover everything suggested, but 
thanks for the feedback.


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