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From Jack Woehr <>
Subject Re: XJ - xml extension for Java
Date Mon, 11 Jul 2005 05:40:21 GMT
Jess Holle wrote:

> Actually I believe Java got it right as compared to C++ -- at least as 
> used in the ANSI C++ generic collections library.  This library 
> generates big chunks of object code for *every* type thrown at it -- 
> irrespective of similarities in types.

I *think* that footprint issue is compiler-specific.

> But otherwise, I think the Java generics guys did an amazingly good 
> job, especially given the constraint of interoperability with legacy 
> code using collection classes.

Oh, most assuredly. I love Java generics. Just wish they'd been there 
earlier to save me, oh,
let's say a total of about 4,000 lines of code in my personal practice 
since 1996!

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