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From <>
Subject AW: Java Development with Ant
Date Tue, 26 Jul 2005 15:23:37 GMT
>> Actually, maybe we should put together some official ant team 
>> presentations, for use in in-house or external talks, something like 
>> the following set. This could be something to get the user community 
>> involved in too...
>> -intro to ant
>> -why testing matters more than you think -whats new in ant1.7 (the 
>> apachecon slides are this) with ant
>> -C++ with ant
>> -Ant XML processing
>> -script in ant
>> -continuous integration
>I'd be happy to contribute the slides I've done on Ant to 
>various symposiums and conferences.  The thing is, though, 
>that slides are mostly useless - it's the presenter that makes 
>the difference :)
>Where should these slides (in PDF format would probably be best) go?

A SVN-Repo would be good for slides+sources+notes. But not accessable
(writable) for non-committers.
I dont know if a Wiki could handle these formats.

I think the original format should be provided, so anotherone could
simpler modify that.
Additional PDF would be ok for accessibility.


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