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From Neeme Praks <>
Subject Re: cvs commit: ant/docs/manual/OptionalTasks ftp.html
Date Tue, 31 May 2005 08:53:35 GMT

A "back-off" procedure usually refers to the procedure of allowing other 
  participants also to have a "word" in whatever ongoing activity. In 
this case, SteveL probably meant that very same "have a delay before 
retry" idea that you also had.

As for tight loop that eats up all the resources - well, this loop 
contains network activity that is slow. So I don't see it as a very 
tight loop. And in my case it usually just fails once or twice. So if I 
set it to 10 retries or endless loop doesn't really make a difference in 
practice. And if it is just 1-2 retries, there is not much of a loop to 
talk about.


Steve Cohen wrote:
> I'm not entirely sure what you mean.  By "jitter", are you referring to 
> varying the time delay?  I asked Neeme Praks why he didn't put in a time 
> delay and he said he didn't need one.  In his use case, he simply sets 
> it up to run forever, and that works for him.  Eventually it succeeds. 
> But I wonder about this.  Sounds like it could be a tight loop that eats 
> all processing under the wrong conditions.
> And I'm not sure at all what you mean by a "back-off algorithm".
> So please elaborate.

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