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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: PGP tasks (was Re: proposed build.xml changes to speed up releases=
Date Fri, 06 May 2005 13:07:39 GMT
> Honestly I don't know.  I haven't played with JCE too much, so I have
> no real grasp of it.  My guess is that things like armor-armed
> detached signatures (the main use case for Ant tasks or
> download-validation IMHO, encrypt/decrypt doesn't sound like something
> that goes into your build) are far easier to get if you use a
> PGP-aware API directly.

Yes, I thought this was most likely the case. Just thought JCE would
be a good way to get that pluggable provider API that you were looking
for for free.

> In Steve's list of things the Maven2 Ant tasks could potentially do,
> there was an item on PGP validation.  Is it soemthing you've already
> started?  

Just on my personal wishlist.

> Is this something you'd like to work on together with us so
> that the effort isn't duplicated?

Sounds good to me.

> I don't really care where the tasks get created as long as they are
> under a useful license and all interested people can work on them.


I'd suggest inside Wagon if they were only going to be used via the
artifact antlib. However, if you want to either include these in the
Ant core tasks, or in a separate antlib and don't want to depend on
Wagon, then it would need to be elsewhere.
By the same token, I'd want to be able to use them from Wagon, so they
couldn't be directly dependant on the Ant core library.

If it needs to be an independant component only utilising bouncy
castle/other pgp provider, is it feasible for an antlib to be composed
of two separate parts: the tasks that depend on Ant and a standalone
library that the antlib uses which provides the actual functionality?

Once we sort out the best place to work, we can take the discussion to
that list (or bring other interested people here if this is it).


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