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From Brett Porter <>
Subject Re: <libraries> and m2 <artifact :>
Date Thu, 05 May 2005 15:01:08 GMT
Hi Steve,

On 5/5/05, Steve Loughran <> wrote:
> At the same time, I've been playing with the M2 artifact tasks. They
> still need some work

Yep, this is certainly true.

>   -NPE if you omit an artifact

I'm not sure what you mean here exactly - bad ID on the dependencies?

Validation of the task parameters was something I was a bit lazy with
when I put this together for the first go around.

> But they work. And they work on Ant1.6.x *today*. And the antlib
> declaration mechanism does work

That seemed the simplest way to me. I'd be interested if there are any
good alternatives to this as well.

My particular concern is the current size of the library... I need to
do some work to reduce the dependencies of the artifact library itself
(which has been on the list a while, but since we're more in feature
mode it has been left until the June release).

> I am thinking of stopping all work on <libraries>, embracing the maven2
> stuff instead. Here is my rationale
>   -projects can start using the maven2 tasks today.

I think this is a good idea - I'm sure we can cover the requirements
of both sets of users and spend the extra effort adding the nicer
features and necessary polish.

>   -the m2 stuff can implement transitive dependencies (if not already done)

this already works, and we've got a few features planned to improve on
this for the June release which we are just starting to get down on
"paper" rather than in various people's heads :)

>   -maybe even PGP validation (which needs bouncy castle jar)

yeah, I definitely would like to see that happening. Like the ant
tasks themselves, it seems like something we've been talking about
forever and never had that right opportunity.

>   -and maybe httpclient over the fairly brittle code

This is a change that can be made at runtime - we have both httpclient
and URLConnection based providers for HTTP.

>   -ability to update outside the ant dev schedule

What are your thoughts on the distribution of this? Continue from
where it is in Maven, from Ant, or some other shared area? I guess
there is a question applies to separate antlibs in general - would
they also be bundled as optionals inside an Ant distribution, or is
there some mechanism for getting and installing them?

Anyway, this sounds really good to me. Let me know if I can do
anything to help.

We've got a release coming up (though because the ant tasks cropped up
mid cycle, it won't be a lot different this time around), but if there
are any major gotchas that should be fixed before then, now would be a
good time to fix them. I'll try and take a look at the validation in


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