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From Steve Cohen <>
Subject How to write a JUnit test for this new functionality?
Date Sun, 29 May 2005 20:22:48 GMT
Neeme Praks has sent me an interesting patch that allows the <ftp> task 
to execute with a certain number of retries specified.  That is, it 
won't fail until the specified number of retries has passed.

I want to write some JUnit tests to test this patch.  My idea was to 
simulate failure by subclassing the FTP task class 
( within the JUnit test with a version 
that allows setting a numberOfFailuresToSimulate member, and a modified 
transferFiles() method that would, if numberOfFailuresToSimulate > 0, 
simply decrement this value by 1 and throw a dummy BuildException, 
otherwise, simply execute the regular transferFiles.  This seems like a 
good way to test Neeme's retry handler.  Then this can be tested with a 
build file that specifies the number of retry times, and the test can 
then illustrate what happens with this buildfile when numbers >, <, or 
== to the specified number of simulated failures occur.

To wit:

    private static class myRetryableFTP extends FTP {
        private int numberOfFailuresToSimulate;

        int getNumberOfFailuresToSimulate() {
            return numberOfFailuresToSimulate;
        void setNumberOfFailuresToSimulate(int numberOfFailuresToSimulate) {
            this.numberOfFailuresToSimulate = numberOfFailuresToSimulate;
        protected int transferFiles(FTPClient ftp, FileSet fs)
                throws IOException, BuildException
            if (this.numberOfFailuresToSimulate > 0) {
                throw new BuildException("Simulated failure for testing");
            return super.transferFiles(ftp, fs);

However, my knowledge of Ant internals is somewhat limited.  How can I 
tell an ant project in my test code that when it sees an <ftp> tag, it 
should delegate the performance of this task to myRetryableFTP, instead 
of to the standard FTP as it would normally do?  Is there an example of 
this sort of thing within the existing Ant test suite?

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