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From Conor MacNeill <>
Subject Ant Status Report
Date Thu, 12 May 2005 22:53:16 GMT
Hi all,

Attached is my status report on the Ant project which I have just sent 
to the ASF board. If anyone has comments or questions, please feel free 
to let us know.

Status Report for the Ant project

o Ant 1.6.3

Ant 1.6.3 was released on April 28 2005

A large number of changes were included in the release although most are
  small in nature. Subsequent to release a few bugs have been found, one
of which affects operation of javah. This will require a follow-up Ant
1.6.4 release.

o Ant 1.7

Ant 1.7 development continues in the CVS head

o Antlibs Subproject

We have created an Antlibs subproject. The rationale is to separate
groups of tasks, which are currently included with the main Ant core and
release these separately. This approach will allow for task updates to
have much shorter release cycles than the Ant core, whose release cycles
have been fairly long to date. By reducing the core size, it would also
have the advantage of reducing the core release cycle as well.

o Subversion conversion

An Ant subversion repository has been set up by infrastructure at our
request. We have not yet converted the main Ant repository to subversion
as we did not want to overlap that process with the 1.6.3 release. Ant
1.7 will be released from subversion and we expect the conversion to
occur once the release issues of the current Ant 1.6.x releases settle down.

The subversion repository will host code for the Antlibs subproject we
have created.

o Antidote

Antidote was an Ant GUI project which has been in Ant's CVS for a long
time now. It has never been able to attract sufficient critical mass to
ensure its development was sustainable. As Ant support is provided in
all main Java IDEs, we decided to retire the Antidote subproject.

o Legal Issues


o Committers

We have made a number of inactive committers emeritus. we have recently
added Alexey Solofnenko as a committer.

Magesh Umasankar has retired from the PMC due to time constraints.

o Community

Community is healthy - no issues.


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