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From "Antoine Levy-Lambert" <>
Subject Re: FTP.isUpToDate()
Date Mon, 16 May 2005 20:29:03 GMT
> I agree with you.  I suppose that with the current code, you can always 
> "fudge" the granularities by summing them together as timediffmillis in 
> the above code which is a settable parameter.
> The case I have in mind is this:
> <ftp action = "get"
>      ...
>      preservelastmodified="true"
>      newer="true"/>
> Repeating that twice in succession with the current code will ALWAYS 
> result in fetching the entire fileset twice whether the source files
> change or not.  This seems like an incorrect result, even a bug.
> So I want to make this change.

> But before I rush off and do that, I want, as a reality check, an idea 
> of a use case that this change would break.  I can't think of one.
> My thought is that anyone who would want to use this task with 
> newer="true" and preservelastmodified="false" isn't going to care about 
> granularity-based differences.  That person is simply using the task 
> coarsely.  And anyone who would do it as in the above snippet would want 
>  >= rather than >.
> Please, if someone can come up with a contradictory use case or other 
> argument, lay it out here, otherwise I am going to make the change.
> The only plausible argument I can think of is backward compatibility of 
> existing scripts.  I am guessing that anyone who is trying to use the 
> task precisely may already be adding or subtacting 1 in the 
> timediffmillis to overcome this problem.
Do not worry if you are sure that the current behavior is buggy.



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