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From Martijn Kruithof>
Subject Re: ResourceCollections
Date Fri, 15 Apr 2005 21:36:18 GMT

> But wouldn't that defeat the whole purpose of the <fill in role-type 
> here> I thought the whole point was avoiding having addConcrete in 
> favour of having add(Role).

What basically is that what Matt just stated.

Apart from the variands A and B further below, would the following also 

<project name="foo" default="bar">

<resourcecollection id="blah" xmlns="ant:set">
       <files dir="foo" name="**/*.java"/>
       <date select="newer" date="2005/04/15"/>


or would this mean that the resoursecollection must be part of set itself?

<project name="foo" default="bar"

<resourcecollection id="blah">
       <set:files dir="foo" name="**/*.java"/>
       <set:date select="newer" date="2005/04/15"/>

<and xmlns="ant:conditions" />
<and xmlns="ant:fileselectors" />
<and xmlns="ant:resourceselectors" />
<date xmlns="ant:resourceselectors" />
<date xmlns="ant:resourcecomparators" />

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