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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Little bit of repository surgery
Date Mon, 11 Apr 2005 11:12:39 GMT

Maven2 is out, with a new layout policy

* new remote:
* local store ~/.m2/repository
* layout algorithm both local and remote:
* project/version/artifact-version[-classifier][.extension]
* every artifact has a .pom

  -project gets mapped from dotted to / : org.apache.ant would become 
  -classifier is something like "src" or "client"

The new layout is designed to scale much better, and a per-artifact POM 
is interesting.

This has the following implications for the <libraries> task

-a new local layout, if we match maven2
-a new attribute, classifier, in every library
-rework to move some of our naming policy around; the local filename 
policy is currently in the Library class, so doesn't change by repository.

Here is what I'm thinking, thoughts that may break anyone that has been 
using the task to date. (which may be only me)

1. Adopt the m2 local store, remote URL and layout policy.
2. Factor out local layout policy into its own interface/classes, with 
maven1,  maven2 and "flat" implementations,
3. Add classifier attribute to the library class.
4. support dotted project names
5. any other changes need to get this to work; some API changes in the 

I'm currently doing maven1&2 download code @work, for the smartfrog 
project there (*); I'll feed lessons (but not LGPL code) back into the 
ant stuff later on in the week.

What do people think about my plan?

  -all the stuff with "not working" next to my name :)

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