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From James Fuller <>
Subject Re: Prototype work on XML+XSL based Ant doc
Date Fri, 25 Mar 2005 08:09:55 GMT
a few ruminations;

- replace <m:synopsis> with <m:brief/> or <m:abstract/>, easier on the eye

- description / section text should be free to use

XHTML: xmlns:x=""
Docbook: xmlns:db=""
Dublin Core xmlns:dc=""

Current namespace elements should mimic docbook simple subset of
elements, for future integration/mapping.

- I would suggest adding the <attr/> and <elem/> element to current
namespace, e.g.

<p>You can also set properties in the new project from the old project
      by using nested property tags. These properties are always passed
      to the new project and any project created in that project
      regardless of the setting of <attr>inheritAll<attr/>.  This
allows you to
      parameterize your subprojects.  Properties defined on the
command line
      cannot be overridden by nested <elem>property<elem/> elements.</p>

then within <m:attributes/> define with <m:attribute>, note I think
this element should have an attribute of data type.

and remove the whole attr/elem namespaces thing...XML namespaces are
good at namespace collision not for implementing some sort of
logic....though I understand the concept, I dont see much value...what
would be interesting is to obviously bring in the java code comments
that relate to attributes/elements...though perhaps its little steps
to get there. Then perhaps a 2 stage XSLT can match such
long as retain correct elem/attr name as key.

- simplify m:nested-elements to purely <m:elements/>

- no need to isolate examples, embed them in a m:description or
m:section, reduce to either m:snippet

- I would suggest that *all* version and author information should be
part of dublin core, I would also suggest creating an example that
shows a task through time...with added comments / changes /
amends...even if you are extracting version based on SCM, u still want
to know when a particular comment/amend occured with what version.

- Schemas are so easy to make these days that not having one would be
a shame, with this type of information <antstructure/> should be able
to extract a simple schema that is usable as well.

in general, I for one think this is the right next step.

--Jim Fuller

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