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From Bruce Atherton <>
Subject Re: New COPY granularity breaks builds on Windows 2000
Date Tue, 08 Mar 2005 19:12:37 GMT
Xxx Yyy wrote:

>Thanks for your consideration.  I think you are testing the wrong thing
>-- an OS test is not a substitute for FS test.
That is true, but there is no FS test. This code is not trying to be an 
FS test, it is trying to be smart about guessing a default value using 
whatever information is available. It is a heuristic.

Now, is this the right guess to make? Are we correct more than 50% of 
the time? Nowadays, probably not. But more importantly, do we "do no 
harm" more frequently with this default? I'd guess probably so, since it 
is unusual to do copies from and to the same file within two seconds.

So absent some file system test you can point us to, someone is going to 
bear the burden of specifying granularity. By going with the default we 
have, I think that burden is borne by the fewest number of people. It is 
just unfortunate that in this instance, you are among that fewest number.

>  This whole thing has a
>"bad smell" to it because the granularity is worming its way into Unix
>special cases, per your note, and ANT users now need to compensate for
>the cases at the build-file level (with flags such as override,
>granularity, for each and every COPY; and I think this also appears in
>other tasks such as ZIP).  I wish that an alternative approach had been
>taken to granularity (e.g. explicit granularity file-system override
>pragmas at the beginning of the build-file, or some such).
Could you not use <presetdef>?

Granularity is not on <zip>, since ZIP files have a 2 second granularity 
themselves that is part of the file format. You are probably thinking of 
the roundup attribute.

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