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From Matt Benson <>
Subject RE: Re: Prototype work on XML+XSL based Ant doc
Date Tue, 29 Mar 2005 17:01:27 GMT
--- Dominique Devienne <> wrote:
> > From: Matt Benson []
> > Beyond that, while I have DL'd these bug
> > attachment(s), I haven't yet looked at them simply
> > because my lack of expertise in this area means
> that
> > whenever I get into this I will have to refer to
> > references before I know what I'm looking at.  :)
> At this point we're simply discussing whether the
> XML is
> acceptable to author, i.e. it's not too much of a
> burden
> compared to the HTML we're authoring right now. So
> far
> Peter said it was too verbose, Stefan said it was
> OK, and
> Jim argued for more alignment on XML technologies
> (which
> tend to make the XML even more verbose).

Hmm... looks okay to me in this regard.

> And also compare the existing HTML to the generated
> one.

Looks good here too.  I very much like the since
attribute:  version number only, meaning we have an
easy way to standardize the rendering of such tags
including capitalization.  ;)

The bugreport says you started w/ Introspection to get
here... I wonder if there is some way we can combine
this doc initiative with Kev Jackson's suggestions on
validation to set up some kind of element/attribute
matrix evaluation to define compatibility between
attributes/elements.  Better yet, get this information
into a single XML format used in documentation and
referenced at runtime for validation and error

Does that sound un-doable?


> By all means look at the XSL, but it's not
> necessary. --DD
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