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From "Jeff Tulley" <>
Subject Re: FileUtils.normalize
Date Tue, 22 Feb 2005 21:44:25 GMT
Hah, every time I think I'm going to unsubscribe from the ant dev list
since I do not read it anymore, a thread catches my eye that inevitably
has a NetWare question. 
I'm not sure, but I do not believe that Java on NetWare supports me
jumping between servers by saying SERVER\VOLUME:PATH.  I'll have to try
it real quick and get back to you.  No, it does not.  This makes sense,
since you would need some sort of authentication mechanism to be able to
connect to the remote server. 
I've always considered VOLUME:PATH to be an absolute path.  When dealing
with absolute or relative on any platform, I think of it from the point
of the server on which the code is running.  Relative means ./something,
or ../../something or something (no leading slash), am I right? 
You were correct that volume:path and volume:\path are equivalent. 
NetWare is also very loose on \ vs /   
I haven't followed your ant changes, and have not tested them on
NetWare, and barely have the time to do so if at all, but I really
should since there is no reason Ant should not work on NetWare.

>>> 02/22/05 9:31 am >>>

--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

>On Fri, 18 Feb 2005, Matt Benson
><> wrote:
>>OR it may be that we should detect these
>conditions as
>>NOT being absolute pathnames on DOS.
>As with most Windows/DOS features I'm pretty much on
>the fence.
>To me it sounds as if marking paths C:foo
>non-absolute and modify
>resolveFile to deal with them the way you proposed
>normalizePath to do
>would be the better approach.

I think so too, especially since I opened up
FU.isAbsolutePath() to public access.  Similarly with
Netware... I have worked with older versions of
Netware, and on those VOLUME:PATH or VOLUME:\PATH are
equivalent but not absolute.  VOLUME: is relative to
the current server.  So SERVER\VOLUME:(\)?PATH is
absolute, as is driveletter-colon-separator.  Can
anyone update my knowledge of Netware file
specification conventions?

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