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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject 1.7 release timetable & features.
Date Thu, 24 Feb 2005 11:51:56 GMT

you know, this summer will mark the two year point since Ant 1,6.0 
shipped. Which means time for Ant1.7 is nearing.

What do people think is a good release schedule/timetable?

Or to put it differently, what do people want in *and stable* before then?

Things I must have:

- <libraries> with security & docs.

- WAR/EAR <lib> option to flatten libraries pulled in. Makes it trivial 
to embed <libraries> defined stuff.

Things i'd like

- a way of embedding files into <propertyset>, so you can do file-based 
loading from inside anything that takes a property file. Or some easy 
way of going <propertyfile file="foo" required="true" /> into Java 
tasks. I wrote my own element for this for the smartfrog tasks, and it 
was v. useful. But being LGPL I can't paste it back in :(

-  a way of embedding <libraries> inside a <classpath> declaration.

<java classname="org.apache.axis.monitor.TCPMon" >
     <libraries >
       <library project="ws-axis" artifact="axis" version="1.2" />

- <setproxy> to take a file of proxy settings; if file is absent do 
nothing, if present read in the props (merging in ant properties) and 
then set properties from there.

- local properties in macros.

- various contributed patches that have been on bugzilla for a while and 
look useful.

-http tasks in sandbox to become an antlib.

Should we be organised, build up a list of features and then either 
start doing them or scrub them from the list?


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