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From Stefan Bodewig <>
Subject Re: <clone> or file collections
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 17:03:55 GMT
On Tue, 11 Jan 2005, Matt Benson <> wrote:

> In general, I tend to solve problems as generically as possible,

No arguments here.

> Nearly a month passed between my declaration of intent to implement
> this idea and my committing the task to CVS; unfortunately it must
> have slipped through the cracks as bugrep comments often seem to do

I don't remember seeing it, but then again I really prefer discussions
to end up in my mailbox with easy to spot subject lines. 8-)

> and we now have a conflict.

Which sounds worse than it is, Matt.

> Had I known the task would encounter such resistance I would have
> saved myself the trouble of writing it.

Maybe I just don't understand how useful it is?

> Of the various ideas here, the path intersection stuff
> sounds promising although I'm not sure it wholly
> solves the issue of Bug 32631.

Maybe not.

> I still think FileSets with null dir attributes are valid, do not
> violate the Java APIs, and stand little chance of breaking things,

Probably not.  But these could as well be the file collection we need.

> There was a long discussion on these topics recently on Bug 5035.

That must have been the other bugrep that I stopped following when
catching up with my mail 8-)


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