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From Matt Benson <>
Subject Re: <clone> or file collections
Date Tue, 11 Jan 2005 16:50:21 GMT
--- Stefan Bodewig <> wrote:

> Hi all,
> I'm not really sure what the task is going to be
> used for, that's
> probably my biggest problem with it.  Why do we need
> it?

For good or ill, when I was researching the
enhancement request, I noticed that AFS implements
Cloneable and it struck me that while additional
attributes and elements cannot be set on a reference,
it would be doable to apply additional configuration
options to a clone of a given AFS.  In general, I tend
to solve problems as generically as possible, so my
natural inclination was toward enabling such use of
any Cloneable object.  Nearly a month passed between
my declaration of intent to implement this idea and my
committing the task to CVS; unfortunately it must have
slipped through the cracks as bugrep comments often
seem to do and we now have a conflict.  Had I known
the task would encounter such resistance I would have
saved myself the trouble of writing it.  But it
happens sometimes...
> The problem Bug 32631 talks about could better be
> solved by tasks that
> perform set operations.  Right now our best file

Of the various ideas here, the path intersection stuff
sounds promising although I'm not sure it wholly
solves the issue of Bug 32631.  I still think FileSets
with null dir attributes are valid, do not violate the
Java APIs, and stand little chance of breaking things,
and due to some arguments on set logic I am willing to
see nested filesets or some representation of that
concept (depending on how convoluted the AFS code
might become as a result of nesting filesets).  Nested
filesets could provide an alternate syntax for what
clone solved with regard to filesets, basically
allowing more selectors/patternsets to be applied only
to the files returned from the nested filesets.  There
was a long discussion on these topics recently on Bug

This looks like two threads.


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