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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject CVS in general
Date Thu, 18 Nov 2004 03:48:32 GMT

>I do have it I think, but I'm still sorting out read-write CVS access...
>I'll try to look at it too, but it may also be a while.
>If a committer has any experience accessing Apache's CVS repo from
>Windows using Putty/Pageant/TortoiseCVS, I'd appreciate a personal email
>with some basic instructions. Thanks, --DD
Just a suggestion, but if you use Eclipse, you can access the CVS from 
with your IDE.  putty direct to CVS I haven't tried, WinCVS is ok, but 
another application to launch.

Do you need a CVS tool for manual commits or for automated (command 
line)/scripting purposes?  As you'll have probably guessed, Windows 
sucks for command line tools.


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