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From Kevin Jackson <>
Subject Re: [Patch] removed multiple returns from AntTypeDefinition.getTypeClass
Date Fri, 05 Nov 2004 03:33:52 GMT

>Well, I for one disagree ;-) I always return early for trivial cases,
>getting them out of the way, making it obvious that the meat or rest of
>a method works only for given validated inputs (pre-conditions of sort).
>It also avoids having to scroll down to figure out what happens next,
>like the value is returned as-is in this case.
Ok I can understand that reasoning, except in this case, the original 
logic was a negative - so the given input wasn't validated right?  So it 
isn't a pre-condition or is it? :)

In this case too, no extra code will be executed with only one return - 
there is still a check and if the condition fails (new code) it returns 
- so there's no impact on the performance - in effect you've retained 
your "trivial case" except that you've removed redundant code (an 
extraneous return).

I've personally only used an early return if there was no way I could 
think to create an elegant single return and in the case when 
performance was of paramount importance, and returning early would have 
saved a lot of extra effort for the VM.

>Of course it depends on length of the method and over factors, but
>having a single return is not a criteria I rate highly when judging how
>a method should be implemented. It's all very much in the eye of the
>beholder. --DD
I'm always highly sensitive to local programming paradigms, and although 
I don't agree (I believe a single return reduces the complexity of code 
as there are fewer ways in which a method can terminate), I'm a relative 
newcomer to the code base and so I'll bow to superior experience and 

I'll just look for more little things I can adjust whilst I'm learning 
about the code base.  Thanks for explaining your reasoning.


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