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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: Task for Reading POMs
Date Wed, 18 Aug 2004 14:36:53 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

> This probably isn't going to be as easy as you hope - for instance
> POMs often rely on property interpolation and inheritence of other
> files.

Which is why I'm extending XmlProperty.  XmlProperty provides the
property interpolation (with semanticAttributes turned on) and by
extending it, my custom task can handle inheritance.  But I'd be open to
other methods of reading a POM, including...

> Is there any reason not to use org.apache.maven.MavenUtils?

Good question (though perhaps better suited for Maven's developer
list).  In a perfect world, I'd love to use the same classes that Maven
uses for reading in POMs.  In that same vein, I'd love to see Java tool
makers standardize on a schema for project descriptors, so you could
have one POM that Eclipse, JBuilder, Java Studio Creator, Ant, Maven,
and [insert your favorite IDE/project/build tool here] would know how to


Those classes are currently bundled up into the Maven JAR, and there's
a high degree of dependency on other Maven-specific classes.  I ran into
this while writing Ant tasks that wrapped around Maven's dependency
verifier and the artifact plugin.  Looking at MavenUtils code, it
appeared to be the same situation (correct me if I'm wrong).

I'd jump all over using those classes if they were separated out into a
sort of jPOM project :-) with a generic API for reading/writing a
standard POM and a lightweight, non-Maven-specific, library-type JAR.  I
think that would also make a standardized POM much more attractive to
Java tool developers.

Am I out in left field here, or does that sound reasonable?



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