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From "Kyle Adams" <>
Subject Re: Task for Reading POMs
Date Mon, 16 Aug 2004 16:45:24 GMT
Brett Porter wrote:

> I think that's what "JAM" does. Don't know the URL off the top of my

The URL is and I'm actually working on
this task in relation to JAM :-)  JAM can't directly read a POM; rather
there are Maven plugins provided as part of JAM that allow you to
generate JAM-specific config files from a POM.  In the interest of
tighter integration with Maven, I'd like to create an Ant task that
could read the POM directly and bypass the "keep JAM config files in
sync with POM" step.

I've been looking around XmlProperty and noticed a bit of oddness when
it comes to the visibility of the methods.  Some, like
addNodeRecursively(Node, String, Object) are private.  Then
addNodeRecusively calls processNode(Node, String, Object), which is
public.  Finally, addNodeRecursively(Node, String) uses the default
package visibility.

It would be nice (from my perspective) if all of the methods above were
protected, making it easy for me to extend XmlProperty and create a
PomProperty task.  Is there a ryhme or reason for their existing
visibilities that I'm missing?



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