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From "Dominique Devienne" <>
Subject RE: Bug in the "glob" file mapper?
Date Fri, 13 Aug 2004 18:07:29 GMT
> From: Phil Weighill-Smith []
> The "glob" file mapper is exhibiting a behaviour I didn't expect:
> <copy ...
>     <fileset ...
>     <mapper type="glob" from="*/ant.jar" to="internal/ant.jar"/>
> </copy>
> Assuming that "*" matches "env/apache-ant-1.6.2/lib" I expected this
> copy the ant.jar to a destination of copy's todir + /internal/ant.jar.
> What it actually does is copy it to copy's todir +
> /internal/ant.jarenv/apache-ant-1.6.2/lib.
> I.e. if you don't use a "*" in the to attribute of the mapper, the "*"
> match is suffixed onto the "to". This seems wrong to me. Is this a

It's wrong in the sense that the glob mapper should most likely throw an
error when the "*" is missing in the 'to' attribute.

You can't use the glob mapper to concatenate files like this, and even
if it worked, plain concatenation wouldn't work with .jar files.

Use <concat> for plain concatenation.
Use <jar> or <zip> with <zipfileset> for concatenation of JAR/ZIP files.


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