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From Antoine Levy-Lambert <>
Subject Re: Getting started contributing to Ant - Confused
Date Fri, 27 Aug 2004 14:30:34 GMT
Matt Harrah wrote:

>Sorry if this is a duplicate....
>Isn't there a FAQ for getting started contributing to Ant? The only thing I've seen is
how to get the source from CVS (which I've done), but I'm feeling a little stupid here.
>For example:
>1) When I do a build of Ant from the source, I get a load of Manifest only jars.  Is this
You need to go to the library dependencies section of the ant manual, 
and download the dependencies. Then copy the corresponding jars to the 
lib/optional directory of your ant development directory.

>2) When I create a java project using Eclipse and point to the Ant source, most of it
won't compile because of missing classes.  Am I supposed to gather all the third-party jars
that Ant supports and add them to the classpath?  Doesn't seem practical what with needing
to pay for WebSphere, WebLogic, etc. 
See above. If you do not want to download all the dependencies, you will 
need to weed out the various classes which rely on Weblogic, .... From 
the build.xml of ant, you can find out where they are located.
By the way Weblogic can be downloaded for free (if you have the bandwidth).

>3) Are there special coding conventions to follow that are specific to the Ant project?
There are coding conventions, but there are not very special.
see this document :

Another tip :

the way to make a complete build and test from the command line is :

(in  Unix linguo - adjust for Win if you are under DOS)

I use
- one development dir
- one runtime dir   (ANT_HOME points to this one)

in the development dir
rm -rf bootstrap; ./ -D"test.haltonfailure"=no install-lite test

bootstrap is a directory which gets created when you build ant from the 
command line.
you should get rid of it to get a completely clean build.



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