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From Steve Loughran <>
Subject Re: APT Task
Date Fri, 06 Aug 2004 10:43:19 GMT
Inger, Matthew wrote:
> I submitted an APT task a while back that will run the JDK 5.0 APT tool.
> I was wondering what the state of that submission was.  I've seen no
> update to the bugzilla record in quite some time:
> I would think that as JDK 5.0 approaches it's release date, ANT should
> include a way to run the tool.
I agree, we should have a way to run Apt.

1. I have the stuff in my source tree. I will commit a reformatted 
version shortly.

However, I am not going to commit it until it comes with tests

Here are the task guidelines we follow.

I would draw your particular attention to the javadocs and the tests. 
With the javadocs we can autogenerate the documentation.

Without the tests, we will never know if the stuff works or not until we 
ship, or catch regression tests. Nothing goes into the codebase without 
tests, even if takes five times as long to write the tests as the code. 
This may seem harsh, but i myself just spent two evenings adding tests 
to rmic before I could make some minor changes to it. We cannot improve 
the stability or quality of the codebase without being strict about 
accompanying all new code with new tests, and retrofitting tests onto 
old code before any changes are made.

Obvious (to the IDE) bugs
1. AptCompilerAdapter   doesnt build on java 1.5 source. I've fixed it:

	Enumeration enum = options.elements();

2.  AptCompilerAdapter
the enumeration itself is going to NPE when executed, because it calls 
the string buffer before it is assigned, so the IDE tells me. again, 
fixed. This shows why it is so important to have good tests.

Matt, I have just updated the bugrep with a revised iteration of the 
tasks. Please use these to work on. and, if you can, add the tests and 
the javadocs. We can help with the tests, but I dont have the facilities 
or time to do them here (no java1.5, see). I am afraid I had to delete 
the @author tag as the codebase is now authorless -we will add your name 
to the credits file instead. I also moved the @since value to 1.7, as 
that is where new stuff should normally go.


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