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From "Jose Alberto Fernandez" <>
Subject RE: basedir not set corretly in subant task...
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:58:46 GMT
> From: Dominique Devienne [] 
> Thus I come back to my question about why basedir override 
> was implemented in the first place. I didn't get an answer I 
> liked so far. Maybe it's because I always design my 
> build/subbuilds in such a way that any basedir override would 
> break them, or said differently, that the build behaves the 
> same way when called directly, or called from a parent/master build.

It all goes to that ugly explanation: BC.

In the beginning people had this idea of changing basedirs just to have
build files that were like libraries (I never really bought into that).

In the beginning there was also this idea, of "user properties" that
override no matter what across everything (so I can say debug=true and
will take precedence). I never really bought onto that either because
what "debug" means in buildA.xml May be different of what it means in

But all those polocies were decided a long time ago, and now BC is

Jose Alberto

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