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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: basedir not set corretly in subant task...
Date Thu, 15 Jul 2004 14:32:10 GMT
> From: Steve Loughran []
> I am not happy with the way the current combination of ant/subant works.
> I can work around it, but only if I control how the upper level build
> file is invoking my build files, which is hard to do. And to justify.
> And to use at all if InheritAll=true
> Here are some things we could do
> 1. nothing. Leave things painfully inconsistent.
> 2. downrate basedir in <ant> to a normal property. What would this break?
> 3. have an attribute in subant that lets you force the basedir of the
>    target build file.

I was thinking along the lines of 3, but it remains a nasty work around.
And you're really pushing the issue a level down, meaning that once
setting this enforcebasedir="true" attribute, which affects the next level
of <subant>, you must use it at all levels.

The 'real' solution I can think of with my limited understanding of the
issue would be to not use a user-defined property to override basedir in
Ant (and thus SubAnt), because it propagates to all child levels, but
another new mechanism that only affects the next level. --DD

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