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From Wascally Wabbit <>
Subject Re: testing for verbose mode
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 15:56:48 GMT
At 11:17 AM 7/9/2004, you wrote:
>Conor MacNeill wrote:
>>>It you can decide not to issue messages, you can decide to change the
>>>of your task in a more radical fashion. But nevermind this point.
>>>Still if we want to have such functionality what we would need is an API
>>>in project to check for current "logging level of interest" that
>>>will consult ALL BuildLogger2 instances and give the aggregated answer.
>>>Such a system will work in the presence of <record/> loggers.
>>That would be BuildListener2. There's a difference. I still think there 
>>is value in being able to control the logger. Being able to control the 
>>threshold in the logger (without affecting events sent to other 
>>listeners) would be useful for script debugging. I've always found 
>><record> to be somewhat cumbersome.
>I'd like to do a good wrapper of commons logging around ant logger that 
>took the aggregate log level and forwarded it. This would make it easier 
>to run highly log-instrumented code under Ant efficiently and yet 
>integrated with Ant's logging (e.g axis-wsdl2java)

Isn't Ant2 going to address the logging issue "holistically" by using
an established logging framework like log4j or commons logging as the
backbone for the default build logger implementations? If so, is it
worth the effort to create new (patch) APIs that will introduce more
architecture/implementation constraint pressure on Ant2?
Just a question...

I have already wrapped Ant for Log4J/J2SE using the current 1.6x
build listener mechanism. Like you said, it allows me to run
(externally controlled) log-instrumented *script* under Ant efficiently
while leaving the Ant logging mechanism as-is. However, it's still
not possible to make "is this level enabled" from within task Java

The Wabbit 

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