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From Stephen McConnell <>
Subject Re: testing for verbose mode
Date Fri, 09 Jul 2004 05:35:56 GMT

What if I said that I was only interested in knowing if the ant command 
line "-verbose" switch was enabled or not (as opposed to knowing 
anything about what log listeners are doing)?


Conor MacNeill wrote:
> Stephen McConnell wrote:
>> Is there a way I can test if an ant project is running in verbose mode 
>> or not?  Nothing jumped out at me when going over the javadocs.  I'm 
>> hoping there's something I can access via the Project class.
> No, not really. Verbosity setting is not a property of the Project but 
> up to the individual build listeners. IOW, the Project broadcasts all 
> events and the build listeners decide what they are going to do with 
> that. If you want to control based on log level, you'd have to determine 
> the interest level of all of the build listeners. There is no interface 
> to do that today.
> The separation is pretty clean but it does mean that expensive logging 
> operations are not to be undertaken lightly.
> In Ant, one of the build listeners is special. It is *the* logger. It 
> implements the BuildLogger interface and is the one which is controlled 
> by the command line -v and -debug switches. Other build listeners are 
> controlled by mechanisms specific to each listener.
> Now, for a while I've been thinking about whether there should be a 
> mechanism to control that logger. It would allow tasks to change the 
> logger's level dynamically. This is actually possible now but a new 
> interface, BuildLogger2, could allow you to query the debug level of the 
> logger. Note that if this were possible, then deciding not to issue log 
> messages based on the state of *one* listener would affect all other 
> listeners. That may not be cool, but would be at the task writer's 
> discretion.
> Conor
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