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Subject Mac OS X JarBundler task
Date Wed, 28 Jul 2004 05:42:15 GMT


I've written a task for making the creation of Mac OS X native Java
application bundles easier.  I've been using this task personally
for about a year, but recently it's been getting a lot of use from
others as well, and I'd like to get it added to the "External Tools
and Tasks" page if possible.

Here is the required information for the page:

  Name: JarBundler

  Description: JarBundler is a task that generates Mac OS X native
  Java Application Bundles.  It is fully configurable and can be used
  to generate Mac OS X application bundles from any supported Java
  platform, making it ideal for targeting multiple platforms with
  one build.

  Compatibility: Ant 1.4 and later


  License: GNU General Public License

  Contact: Seth Morabito <>

I am also curious, what license is generally preferred for ant tasks?
I chose the GNU General Public License because I was most familiar
with it, and have used it for other projects, but I have no particular
ideological leanings one way or another.  I would be happy to change
to an Apache license for future releases if this is more the "norm".


-Seth Morabito

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