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From Matt Benson <>
Subject RE: File Includer
Date Thu, 10 Jun 2004 18:25:43 GMT
--- Jose Alberto Fernandez <>
> The way to resolve your requirement is providing
> a different task (useful on its own right) that
> given a fileset it adjust the lastmodified of a
> target
> file to be the latest date of the files in the
> fileset.

Why not be a little less specific, and just have one
or more tasks capable of setting a property based on
the timestamps of the files in one or more <fileset>s?
 Then you could have an attribute to accept values
"min|max|mean|median|mode" or the like... You could
even have an "attribute" attribute to accept values
"lastmodified|length" since length is something else
people often want but have access to only through
scripts.  I can't think of a nice name for such a
task, but...

...once you have used this hypothetical task you can
use <touch> on the target file.  Or wrap the whole
thing in a <macrodef> if you like.


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