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From "Abey Mullassery" <>
Subject Updated ImageTasks
Date Wed, 05 May 2004 14:33:20 GMT

I have updated the Image Tasks with some new tasks, fixes and changes. Please update the external.xml
with the attached snippet. I would like to contribute this set of Image tasks to the Ant project.


Abey Mullassery

P.S. I am trying to include the PMIW as a jakarta-commons module so that the common functionality
can be used by the Jakarta Image Taglibs and the Jakrta Ant Image Tasks.

      <subsection name="Image">
        <p>Image task generates and transforms images. It exposes the
        imaging capability available in Java2D, Java Advanced Imaging,
        ImageIO, etc., as set of nested elements.</p>

        <p>Image transformations such as &quot;resize&quot;
        (scale),&quot;overlay&quot; (one image on another),
        &quot;border&quot; (add a border), &quot;text&quot; (text on
        image), &quot;crop&quot; (a sub-image of a bigger image),
        &quot;rotate&quot;, &quot;grayscale&quot; (change a color
        image to shades of gray).<br/>
        Now it supports transparency (making images translucent), a 
        bestfit option for Resize, simple support for images within 
        a security-constraint, a preliminary support (if pjatools.jar 
        is available) for saving files as GIF and some other fixes</p>

        <p>IMPORTANT: You will need the PMIW (Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper) jar 
        for all the operations and the pjatools jar for GIF encoding/ saving 

        <table class="externals">
            <td>Ant 1.4</td>
            <th>pmiw jar</th>
                (Poor Man's Imaging Wrapper)</td>
            <th>pjatools jar</th>
                (pjatools for GIF encoding support)</td>
            <td><a href="">Abey Mullassery</a></td>
            <td>Apache Software License</td>

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