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From Rob Oxspring <>
Subject Remote JUnit (was Re: XSLT help?)
Date Fri, 16 Apr 2004 14:08:17 GMT
Hi Steve,

I'm sure I remember talk of remote junit tests on ant-dev a while back 
(a year??), couldn't find references recently though... was it you that 
was interested then?  Anyone else? - would have thought others were 
interested at least! Anyway comments / questions inline:

Steve Loughran wrote:
> FYI, I am trying to add remote JUnit stuff to the smartfrog framework I 
> work on by day; 

Hmmm, smartfrog... as in  How does that compare 

 > the idea being you could deploy code on serverA, then
> run tests on clients B,C and D. 

I've recently been tasked with automating our test environment and am 
planning something along these lines myself.  If you want someone to 
help develop / test the solution then I'm quite possibly your man 
(assuming smartfrog looks up to the job).

So whats your plan regarding syncrhonisation? would the build block 
until all tests have completed and produce results or would the tests be 
forked and results be collected later?  And what about testbox selection 
- do you expect to simply run all tests on all boxes running a smartfrog 

 > I'm just getting to grips with
> RMI-transport of Junit results, then comes the test runner itself, which 
> will be slightly different from the Ant one. I'm going to generate files 
> in the same format as the ant ones, so they would all integrate 
> together. I fear I may have to add some better reporting once we do 
> start running tests on multiple machines, as you would want a summary 
> report for each machine (including machine config information)

Amen to that - heppy to muck in though.

For the record I've also been considering alternative methods:
- Use STAF to upload data to each test box and run an ant script
- Use a custom daemon process that grabs builds from a central location 
and posts results back - probably playing with a webservice / XML-RPC 
(Had forgotten about RMI).
- Hunt down RANT (aha! - and 
see if thats up to the job.

If anyone has comments / other ideas to add then I'm all ears.


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