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From Peter Reilly <>
Subject Re: antlib and classloaders
Date Fri, 02 Apr 2004 11:29:45 GMT
This sounds nice but does it save that much on

<project name="x" xmlns:lib="">

  <typedef resource="foo/bar/antlib.xml" uri="">

  <lib:mytask ..../> <!-- The antlib loaded using the classloader for
"" -->



Jose Alberto Fernandez wrote:

>Hi, I have been giving some thought on ways to solve this nagging
>issue of needing to put antlib jars on the lib directory.
>We hear over and over people wanting to keep their third party
>libraries out of -lib because they are only for an specific project.
>As I see it, our road block has been how to tell in succinct way in the
>buildfile that when loading the namespace "" you should
>use this or that classpath or classloader. 
>A simple solution could be to achieve this by name association:
>- When ANT tries to find and load the resource for ""
>it will first look for a reference named "" representing
>a classloader (or classpath?). If an object of the correct type is
>found, then this classloader will be user for resolving and loadding
>the antlib, otherwise the default classloader will be use, as it is
>So with this in place, one could write things like:
><project name="x" xmlns:lib="">
>  <classpath id="">.....</classpath>
>  <lib:mytask ..../> <!-- The antlib loaded using the classloader for
>"" -->
>Before jumping on a code proposal, does this sound a the right or good
>solution? Does this cover enough of the use cases?
>Let me know what you people think.
>Jose Aberto
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