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From "Mark Bednarczyk" <>
Subject RE: Distribution of modified ANT script in my project (JNetStream)
Date Fri, 06 Feb 2004 22:17:51 GMT
Thank you Bruce for your assistance.

I will release the two scripts retaining the original Apache license to avoid the license
conversion issues. I will probably convert
the Apache 2.0 license to GPL when that becomes available in some future release of mine.

I plan on releasing the JNetStream 0.2 software packages Saturday (tomorrow) to
Release 0.2 will be downloadable form:

We're still doing final checks to make sure everything is complete.

This is my first time, having to really think about licenses and borrowing someone else's
code. I hope I got this right and didn't
annoy anyone too much.

JNetStream is a small project by comparison to Apache projects, but it is gaining momentum. statistics show JNetStream
ranking 246 (out of 70K) with about 10 downloads a day now. And this is with my first release
0.1 which, although fully functional,
without wrapper scripts such as SlyDecoder and SlyCopy (based on ANT script), is very user
unfriendly I must admit. 0.2 with a
little more forethought of the execution environment will make the user experience a lot more


> -----Original Message-----
> From: Bruce Atherton []
> Sent: Monday, February 02, 2004 9:02 PM
> To: Mark Bednarczyk
> Cc: Ant Developers List
> Subject: Re: Distribution of modified ANT script in my project
> (JNetStream)
> Mark Bednarczyk wrote:
> > Hi Bruce, my name is Mark Bednarczyk I have an OpenSource project on SourceForge
JNetStream (
> I would like
> > to use a modified version of your ANT script in my project to execute my java applications.
I have modified the original "ant"
> > script for two applications of mine "slydecoder" and "slycopy". They do not use
ANT or Apache name or any other components.
> Hi, Mark. I'm ccing this reply to the Ant Developer's list, so that
> someone can chime in if I get something wrong or if they have something
> to add.
> Keep in mind that IANAL and I don't speak for the Apache Software
> Foundation, but I believe you should have no problem reusing the code as
> far as the ASF is concerned provided you follow the requirements of the
> license. The Free Software Foundation (as authors of the GPL) may be a
> different story, though, because they don't consider the 1.1 version of
> the Apache license to be compatible with the GPL. Fortunately for you,
> we are adopting a new license, probably with the next release of Ant,
> that one hopes even the FSF would say is compatible, though they have
> yet to make a definitive statement so far as I know.
> So a quick rundown of the scenarios. If you wanted to stick with version
> 1.1 of the Apache license on the script, you would be required to
> include the license text somewhere within your script, as well as
> including an attribution line somewhere in any end-user documentation
> that you produced. Since the file is a script, I don't think the GPL
> would taint it unless you wanted your changes to the script to
> themselves be GPLed. I don't think the FSF would allow the GPL to apply
> to that, though you should ask them if you want a definite answer on
> that score.
> If you want to go with the 2.0 version of the license, you should read
> it over at and make sure you
> can abide by the terms there. If you can, I can't imagine there would be
> a problem with you using the script under those terms even though we
> have yet to make a release with it. Keep in mind, though, that we have
> no idea what objections the FSF might raise to the new license.
> IMHO this bureaucratic attitude of the FSF is one of the reasons for
> avoiding the GPL for open source projects, but that's me. Others would
> argue that it is necessary to ensure software freedom.
> I hope that helps.
> >
> > The executable shell script is a duplicate of your original "ant" shell script with
small additions and global
> replacement of names
> > specific for my application.
> >
> > Ofcourse, I'd like to give credit to your project for the original script, but also
need to include my GPL license that
> the rest of
> > my project uses. There would also be a number of other applications added in future
releases, basically exactly the
> same way as I
> > described above. So for now there would be two (2) and in the future more than two
> >
> > I'd like to ask permission to use your script in this capacity I just described?
You can look over what those scripts
> look like in
> > our development tree. They are not part of any distribution yet, but I am ready
to do next release of my software and
> the scripts
> > would be included in the releases going forward.
> >
> >
> >
> > We use ANT as the build system for our sources, distribution and testing in our
project. Invaluable tool! There are a number of
> > places in our documentation that reference ANT project and links to ANT's documentation
for installation instructions and usage.
> >
> > You can reach me at
> >
> > Best regards,
> > mark..
> > JNetStream Admin
> >
> >

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