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From Matt Benson <>
Subject output redirectors
Date Mon, 09 Feb 2004 16:10:28 GMT
This topic stems from several discussions (see,
mostly springing from the concept, long-and-short, of
being able to "map" <apply> output from the sourcefile
just as is possible with targetfiles.  I thought long
and hard (well, sort of) and decided to implement a
<redirector> DataType that would look a lot like the
Redirector helper class in the taskdefs package, then
streamline that back into <exec>, <apply>, and <java>.

<redirector> can take the following attributes: 
append, output, error, outputproperty, errorproperty,
input, inputstring, logerror, and refid.  All but the
last mimic those attributes available in the relevant

Nested elements supported include:
<outputmapper>, <errormapper>, <inputmapper>,
<outputfilterchain>, <errorfilterchain>,
<inputfilterchain>.  These do what you might expect
and provide about every possibility I could think of. 
These are not compatible with the similar attributes.

To keep BC on existing task attributes, my thought was
that the attribute on the task would provide a
default, for example, if the nested mapper returned no
results for a particular file.

I am mostly finished with these changes but, for one
thing, I don't want to commit these until I can test
with mappers that return multiple results (see

I am now seeking feedback on the sanity of this
design.  I haven't explained every in and out here so
please ask if there are any questions.


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