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From "Matt Harp" <>
Subject RE: Packaging new Ant tasks for submission?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 17:18:57 GMT
> --- Matt Harp <> wrote:
> > me, it's a matter of how our users get the Ant
> > tasks, which is much easier
> > if they ship with Ant. If they don't ship with Ant,
> > then we have to support
> > installing a seperate jar file for Ant users, and
> > then it also requires the
> > user to explicitly make taskdef defines in their
> > build files for each
> > Surround task they plan to use. If the tasks ship
> Regarding the taskdefs, you should consider shipping
> your jar with an antlib... see
> -Matt

If I can get my stuff submitted to Apache then I don't need to worry about
the antlib stuff :)

Never the less, I would still have the distribution issues which I don't
want to deal with since Ant can easily include my tasks w/o it affecting any
other Ant tasks. These tasks will (can) only ever be used by a Surround SCM
user, in which case odds are they are gonna contact us anyway if they don't
know how to use them, since the help file will point to us.

So, can we all agree that I should submit my patch to the list and then
whoever's in charge can add it to the codebase so that it's in the next
release of Ant?


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