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From "Matt Harp" <>
Subject RE: Packaging new Ant tasks for submission?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 16:17:01 GMT
> > My new tasks all have to deal with integration into Surround
> > SCM by Seapine
> > Software ( I work for Seapine and have
> > written the tasks
> > and we already ship them in our releases, but we would prefer
> > to have these
> > included in the Ant releases just like Perforce, ClearCase,
> > Sos, Cvs, Pvcs,
> > etc are. So I'm in the process of getting ready to submit our
> > Ant code and
> > turn it over to the Apache project so that it can be included
> > in the Ant
> > releases. I'm hoping it can be included in the next release,
> > but I'm not
> > real familiar with when that is scheduled to happen...
> I only see the problem of maintaining the codebase. I´ve never heard
> from that SCM before. Much more easier would it be that you hold
> it in your
> own SCM and give us a download URI. Then we can add it to the
> external page.
> Additionally we can add a note in the SCM-manual-section.
> Apache License 2.0 should be good for that (I´ve heard :-)

Maintenance would always be done by us, since we have a vested interest in
keeping the code base up to date and fully tested. Additionaly, having
Apache control the code would allow other developers to add functionality to
it if they so desire instead of having to wait on us to add something. To
me, it's a matter of how our users get the Ant tasks, which is much easier
if they ship with Ant. If they don't ship with Ant, then we have to support
installing a seperate jar file for Ant users, and then it also requires the
user to explicitly make taskdef defines in their build files for each
Surround task they plan to use. If the tasks ship with Ant, then all we have
to do is make sure the code stays up to date with our releases, which isn't
a big deal at all.


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