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From "Matt Harp" <>
Subject RE: Packaging new Ant tasks for submission?
Date Thu, 29 Jan 2004 15:48:05 GMT
>you should make a tar file with your new tasks and attach it to a bug
>report in BugZilla.

So if I'm creating new directories I should manually add those to the tar
file, right?

Will making it a bug report get it submitted? I just don't want it to get
lost in the clutter... My process/knowledge is pretty much dictated by what
I read here: is why I ask.

>But maybe before you do this, can you discuss on the list what these
>tasks are about ?

My new tasks all have to deal with integration into Surround SCM by Seapine
Software ( I work for Seapine and have written the tasks
and we already ship them in our releases, but we would prefer to have these
included in the Ant releases just like Perforce, ClearCase, Sos, Cvs, Pvcs,
etc are. So I'm in the process of getting ready to submit our Ant code and
turn it over to the Apache project so that it can be included in the Ant
releases. I'm hoping it can be included in the next release, but I'm not
real familiar with when that is scheduled to happen...

Right now my stuff is setup to use the
"" namespace, which mimics
how most of the other SCM tasks currently in Ant are grouped.

Any questions/comments/feedback welcome,


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