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From "Antony Paul" <>
Subject What about a per directory javac compiler
Date Wed, 28 Jan 2004 06:00:13 GMT
Hi all,
    I need to compile files which are in different subdirectories but in
same package. The particular javac task is to be used to compile the
generated jsp files by a modified version of jspc task which puts all
classes in org.apache.jsp package. This is a bug with Tomcat 4.1
implementation if no servlet mappings are used.(It seems that different
versions of jspc behaves differently in TC 4.1 series). This is not required
with TC 5 which compiles all classes to proper packages. So I written a task
which extends javac task. I failed to find a way to get the file list of a
particular directory and not any subdirectories(I posted it here So I found
a work around to group files from the file list returned by
    Why there is no way to scan each directory. No tasks require this
functionality ?.
    Would any one like to add this functionality to javac or as a separate
optional task. I have no web page to make it an external task.
    I am new to Ant development.
    Also in Ant 2 are all the tasks going to be re written ?.

Antony Paul

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