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From "Kenneth Olving" <>
Subject RE: Default setting of the javac includeAntRuntime attribute?
Date Mon, 05 Jan 2004 13:26:04 GMT
Steve, thank you for a comment in depth.

> version, but changing a default is the kind of subtle change that 
> doesn't appear to break things, but changes the expected 
> results. People 
> really hate it when we do that.

Yes - again, I can definitively relate to that. The bottom reason I desired this may very
well be me that I'm overprotective :-) background is in CM, and we've had a few cases
which burned us a bit where people happily chugged away for months, and then we started getting
really weird cp problems when deploying, even though it all built fine. It took us some time
to nail down the problem - they were unknowingly using libs that just happened to be present
in the internal Ant cp. Different versions than we later shipped for deployment...ugh.

Then again, when I did make sure this wouldn't happen again, people complained about *that*
messing up their build :-) on the balance you're probably right resisting such a change...


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