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From Dominique Devienne <>
Subject RE: FYI: Blog "Complex build systems need a real language" found
Date Wed, 21 Jan 2004 15:12:30 GMT
> From: Peter Reilly []
> According to the last entry, they are currently
> using a 45,000 line ant script =-O
> which one of the team is reducing to ~700 lines by
> using a custom dependency task.

I didn't read all the thread completely, but I heartedly
agree with Peter that much of the complexity of an Ant
script can be removed by developing custom tasks/types.

You go to Java to encapsulate complex processes, which are
then exposed as much simpler high level tasks hiding all the
coding complexities. Using Python in AAP, or Ruby might allow
easier/faster programming than Java, but Java can do it all
nonetheless, and I personally know Java much better than
Python and Ruby ;-)

This is the approach we've taken, and it's working out pretty
well. It's not perfect, and much cruder than Maven for example,
while having some of the same characteristics, but fits our
needs and evolves with our needs. I actually enjoy coding Ant
tasks, and gradually remove all complex stuff from our build

Anyways, this is just one more data point. --DD

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